Would you like to test our app and learn something about yourself? Download our freely available basic module now! PsyMate 2 is intended to map your thoughts, feelings, experiences and behavior. Research shows that monitoring of somatic symptoms and psychological complaints helps people to reclaim control of their life. You learn under which circumstances you are feeling worse or better. This knowledge provides clues for rearranging your daily routine, taking into account the circumstances in which they take place. It can also help to learn whether an intervention works. 

How does it work? 

The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. After registration, PsyMate 2 provides a signal at random moments throughout the day to complete a short questionnaire. Items include how you feel, what you do, where and with whom you are at that moment. Completing a questionnaire takes about one minute. After completing a dozen questionnaires, a picture of your daily life is created. You can view your results via an online reporting module, accessible via ‘my data’. You can discover where and how you spend most of your time and find out how feelings vary across the day. The collected data are strictly personal and are not shared with third parties for commercial purposes. The data can be used for scientific research only after your explicit consent. 

More information

The PsyMate™ app and the PsyRes™ cloud base databases are designed to collect and store your mental state experiences and context at different moments in time.
The software allows you to review your answers in a browser window. This only reflects your data in a visual format. It offers no conclusions or diagnoses. You can explore your personal data yourself or invite your clinician and/or peers.
You can donate your data for statistical analyses. For this, you have to consent explicitly. Without this consent, no data will be provided.

There are various sources of information available for using the PsyMate™ such as our folder, the PsyMate 2 app manual and the PsyMate 2 reporting module manual. For remaining questions, send an email to info@psymate.eu.