PsyMate™ is an app for iPhone and Android smartphones, developed to map your thoughts, feelings and behavior in daily life. Scientific research shows that this helps you to get a grip on physical and psychological symptoms. As a result, you will feel better.

The PsyMate™ app beeps a few times a day at random moments during this day. When it beeps, you are asked to fill in several questions at that moment. Where are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? After collecting some data, the responses are presented in clear graphs and diagrams. Over time, you can link activities and feelings. You will see, for example, in which circumstances you feel better or worse. You can choose to use PsyMate™ as a personal initiative and invite others to discuss your results (for instance your therapist).

I want to use PsyMate™ myself

Everyone can use the PsyMate™ to explore his or her mental state and/or to better understand psychological and physical complaints. We have developed a free basic module that assesses mental state and well-being in daily life which is a good way to explore what PsyMate™ can do for you.
Your individual PsyMate™ data remains strictly personal. If you want, you can choose yourself to share your results with your doctor or psychologist (or friends and family). You can find more information here.

I want to use PsyMate™ in my practice

What is recovery? It often means learning how to cope with physical symptoms and psychological vulnerabilities. The PsyMate™ can be a valuable addition to self-evaluation, or a support to treatment. The PsyMate™ team can customize the PsyMate™ app to the specific needs of your clients. Using PsyMate™, the treatment process becomes more personalized and it improves engagement and collaboration, which positively influences treatment duration. Completing the momentary questionnaires takes little time (approximately 1 minute per assessment) and proved hardly a burden for most clients. Moreover, the use is simple, practical and reliable. We emphasize that individual PsyMate™ data remain strictly personal. However, your client can share and discuss his results with you. Click here for some more information.

I want to use the PsyMate™ in my research

The Experience Sampling Method (ESM), or Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), is a highly reliable structural diary method that provides insight into how people function in normal daily life. The PsyMate™ app and data management system is an important improvement in ESM study logistics and can easily be customized for specific research projects. The app is suitable for large study populations, as well as for the so-called n = 1 studies. In medicine, PsyMate™ can be applied to measure the influence of medication, stress, or pain in daily life. More generally, the PsyMate™ is valuable for all research questions relating mental states or emotions to the (social) context. Various (inter)national research institutions already use the PsyMate™ for years. Here’s some more information.